Capital Area Breastfeeding Coalition

Capital Area Breastfeeding Coalition

The Capitol Area Breastfeeding Coalition is a team of breastfeeding professionals, LCs, RNs, La Leche League leaders and breastfeeding advocates in the Mid-Michigan / Lansing, Michigan area. This group formed to better serve and support breastfeeding mothers via education, advocacy and resource support.The goal is to increase the number and duration of women in the Lansing, Michigan area who initiate and continue exclusive breastfeeding through the recommended time period.

If you need breastfeeding support, education or help, click on our Capitol Area Breastfeeding Resources list. This list will help you locate breastfeeding support counselors, lactation consultants, free breastfeeding support via mother-to-mother support groups, online breastfeeding resources that have trusted, medically accurate information and more. You can find support and help for breastfeeding right here in Lansing or East Lansing and the surrounding communities of Grand Ledge, Holt, DeWitt, Williamston, Haslett and Okemos. This guide is available for download by doctor’s office, OB/GYN offices and other health care professionals to distribute to their patients.

Initiatives of the Coalition:

  • Improve the state of breastfeeding in Mid-Michigan by:
  • Working to support pending legislation that will make breastfeeding in public a mother’s civil right
  • Hosting breastfeeding and baby-friendly spaces at local festivals and events to offer mothers and children a place to relax, feed & gather
  • Developing a kit for doctors to educate their expecting patients about breastfeeding
  • Development of a statewide Breastfeeding Coalition web site that would distribute accurate information about local breastfeeding resources to parents who might search the web to find them
  • Foster a culture where all babies in Michigan are breastfed happily, successfully and with support.

Who should join the coalition:

Health professionals, community health advocates, breastfeeding advocates, activists, legislators, parents.

We meet monthly (see right for event calendar.) Meetings include dinner (and wine) and young children are welcome, please contact us via our Facebook page if you need childcare.



CABC Meeting Notes– March 22, 2016

Cap Area Breastfeeding Coalition– March 22, 2016 Meeting Notes—-NEXT MEETING IS APRIL 19 5:30-7:30

Don’t forget the Baby Fair on April 16 and the BF Get-together on April 24!
Attendees:   Lynn, Lindsey, Diane, Ann, Laura,  Tracie, Caroline, Hilary, Chelsea, Tammy

1.Willow Tree— April 16, Baby Fair at the Lansing Center. Lynn has the chairs for the CABC area. LIndsey, Hilary and Laura have volunteered to take shifts.

2.BF Fun Get-together— Ann created the event on Facebook: Sunday, April 24, 3-5 p.m. at Willow Tree. Lindsey’s flyer was modified and posted. Lindsey will set up a Perfect Potluck sign-up for refreshments. Tracie will get the gift basket. Tracie will use the gift card from the Michigan BF Network Coalition meeting to purchase paper supplies for the get together. EmilyW said she would bring cards for Breastfeeding stories. Emily A. will set up a craft table for kids. Lindsey will be able to help, but need volunteers for set up, greeting and clean-up. Ann will donate a ring-sling. LaLecheLeague may have raffle tickets available for the door prizes. It will be advertised at Baby Fair. Invitees are breastfeeding supporters and breastfeeding families.

3.Strong Start Healthy Start–Tracie brought info about the breastfeeding campaign and asked for feedback on the slogans and images to be used. Also, the safe sleep survey will be posted in google docs to give everyone a chance to make comments on the form. Let Diane or Tracie know if you weren’t able to access it and still want to comment.

4.Resource Guide– Diane has gotten comments on the “printable” long version of the Resource Guide.  Suggestions were made to align the names of the LC’s, and Diane will work on this. Laura will revise the “short form” to remove the Allen Neighborhood Center. Laura will also work on a page for professional breastfeeding support. Ann will do a search optimization and links to breastfeeding support. Ann is also revising the look and feel of the website.

5. La Leche League— now holding a virtual meeting once a month– all text on a new facebook site.  9 p.m. on the 4th Thursday each month.  The LLL Conference will be October 7 and 8.  Includes CERPS.

6.Allen Neighborhood Center: Following the meeting, Denise emailed to see if the Coalition would be interested in setting up a BF info table during the July 20 kids fest during the farmers market. Need volunteers to attend. Market is 2:30 – 7:00, but any portion of that would be great.

7. Michigan BF Network— Ann updated on the Regional Coalition Meeting that was held earlier in the day. Our coalition can be involved in Advocacy, initiatives, coalition building, sending out info about webinars. MIBFN might be able to be a fiduciary for local coalitions. It was suggested that MIBFN could look at the way the LaLecheLeague is an umbrella organization for the local LLL chapters. The local chapters have bank accounts and report their expenditures to the state group, which covers them as a non-profit.

MIBFN would like to see more aligned activity throughout the state, re: policy, consistent messaging. They would like to help coalitions to commlunicate. The Coffective App is going to be used to locate resources in each community.  All of the partners in CABC should be putting their info on the coffective app.

Diane will post the Local Coalition Directory Survey on Google Docs to get input on what our coalition should be putting on the survey.

The coalition received a gift card for attending the meeting– how great is that?  Card was given to Tracie to purchase paper products for the Fun BF Get-Together in April.

8.McLaren— is looking into using an MDHHS grant to fund “safe sleep boxes”, which cost about $60 per box.  Families receive a box with baby supplies; the box may also be used as a safe sleep place.  Have been used in Finland and have been tried in some US locations.

Next meeting:  Tuesday, April 19, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

CABC Meeting Notes 1-12-16

Attendees:  Jane, Mary, Lynn, Lindsey, Emily, Diane, Hilary, Ann, Laura, Nicole, Stephanie

1. BF Fun Get-together— reviewed survey results from Survey Monkey that Lindsey developed. Reviewed the goals:
–Let people know about CABC
–Provide info re: breastfeeding resources
–Provide advocacy opportunities– how to get involved after breastfeeding
–Story-gathering– e.g., biggest challenge in nursing, what messages do you hear from the media? Have question cards or flip charts with questions…
Emily suggested a posterboard with pictures from the nurse-in– What does advocacy look like?
What are the gaps in the community?
How do employers support breastfeeding?
Where are there opportunities to be more supportive of breastfeeding?
How to focus the outreach of the CABC.
Venues to be considered would be the 1st Christian Church, Mother&EWarth Baby Boutique, MSU Union, Willow Tree.
Date being looked at is an evening in early March, a 4 – 7 p.m.Open House. March is also Parenting Awareness Month.
Follow-up needed:  Nicole will check on date availability for Willow Tree space. Food, publicity, goodie bags, resources needed.
2. Allen Neighborhood Center BF support hour:
February 3 is the first day, 5 – 6 p.m., then weekly. Organizations will rotate providing BF support person– Ingham County H.D. WIC, Willow Tree, EPO/Baby Cafe, LaLecheLeague.
3. Lactation Counselor reception: Mary is looking at dates and venues to schedule time for lactation counselors to meet and network. Mary will send out invites.
4. BF friendly business clings— printing error on first batch ? of clings– Lynn will contact printer to see if they will re-print at a discount.  Jane will check on other sources of funding.
5. CABC plans for 2016:
–LLL Conference in the fall for LLL 60th anniversary.
–Breastfeeding Awareness Month/World Breastfeeding Week
     –LLL plans to sponsor Live, Love, Latch on August 14.
     –Lynn plans to sponsor Big Latch On
     –Other activities could include gathering at Capitol
Good to plan early for coordination and publicity purposes
–Distribute Business clings and enroll businesses on the website
6. Revise 1/2 page quick resource guide– Diane will redistribute for review and comment.
7. Updates:
     –-Michigan BFN-– Jane described the workplace engagement grant from the state, used for marketing and social marketing.  There were discussions held at Human Resources meetings in the state. Also, there are webinars for coalitions– the next one is February 4– “Supporting Moms in the Workplace”.  All are invited to join the webinars. Go to to see upcoming webinars and to access on your computer. Go to for previous webinars that were recorded.
       Jane described a 3-year draft plan and budget to create breastdfeeding friendly communities.  The draft is available for review (contact  Diane if you would like an email sent for review.
   — Ingham County and Willow Tree are collaborating with Strong Start Healthy Start to sponsor support groups targeted to African American Moms– Black Breastfeeding Sisterhood. Group meets the first and third Monday of each month from 3 PM – 5 PM.
   —Baby Cafe— going well at new location.  The Ingham County site has had lower attendance. Mary is working on the annual data report.
   —McClaren— Working on a resource guide for moms; also providing extra hours of breastfeeding education for hospital nurses.
   —Willow Tree-– April 16, Baby Fair at the Lansing Center. Ann will send the BF Rock N Rest list to Nicole. Would welcome volunteers. See above info re: Black Breastfeeding Sisterhood.
   —Emily– call for Proposals for workshop topics for the fall Parenting Awareness Conference. Would like a BF Workshop. Possible topics for BF submission would be BF Barriers in minority communities or Benefits to the workplace of Breastfeeding, How promoting breastfeeding reduces public health costs overall.
Also, June 18 at 10:30 will be a Team hike to raise awareness of postpartum depression– “Climb Out of the Darkness”.
8. Other announcements:
— Laura recommended a website for moms and employers:
–For those who know Beth Ames Eggleston, who provided coordination of the Cap Area Breastfeeding Coalition for several years before her move to Grand Rapids, she is expecting!! We know she’ll have lots of resources to turn to for breastfeeding support.  Congratulations, Beth!
9 Next meeting:  Tuesday, February 16, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

CABC Meeting Notes 11-23-15

Attending: Lindsey, Lynn, Pat, Tammy, Hillary, Jane,  Heather, Diane, Laura, and Ann on Skype. Special welcome to first-time attendees:  Jane, the Executive Director of the Michigan Breastfeeding Network; Heather, WIC and Breastfeeding Coordinator at Barry-Eaton District Health Department; and Hillary, McLaren Birthing Center.

1.Plan for January “fun” get-together— Lindsey will create a survey to find out what times, days, locations and activities will be most popular for breastfeeding families and supporters to attend. Planning for an event early in 2016– possibly in February. Discussed donations for goodie bags, door prizes, resource info, food. Please help by re-posting survey.

2.Lactation professional reception– to be rescheduled in 2016.

3.Coordination with Allen Neighborhood Center– through Jane’s discussions with Joan Nelson, coalition members are invited to discuss breastfeeding support at Allen Neighborhood Center during Farmers’ Markets (Wednesdays). Laura, Tracie, Mary, Pat, Jane and Diane are interested in visiting to tour and meet on December 9, at approximately 3:30 p.m. If you would like to join in this discussion, please contact Diane.


 Baby Cafe:  Reminder: new address for Baby Cafe on Wednesdays, 10 – noon: Pennway Church of God, 1101 E. Cavanaugh, Lansing, MI 48910

WIllow Tree: Nicole sent an update:  Willow Tree is working with Strong Start Healthy Start to run a breastfeeding support group targeted at African Americans. Some women were sent to the Breastfeeding Basics training and facilitators are on path to become CLCs.  The group will meet first and third Monday of each month from 3-5 p.m. starting in January. Promotional materials to be sent out soon. 

 Barry-Eaton Health Dept: WIC Breastfeeding classes are part of the Infant Feeding Class.  The I Promise Program, women commit to trying breastfeeding. Moms receive free items based on duration.  Heather shared the WIC tear-off flyers and the flyer used for classes. One current issue is that Medicaid application does not tell moms they are eligible for WIC. Preparing for upcoming Coffective training program and webinar. Question– how will the CABC support the Coffective training?

Sparrow:  Tammy said the BF Clinic is going well. Sparrow has purchased Hale’s online resource for physicians. It is very useful, though it doesn’t address use of multiple drugs.

MSU Extension: Kellogg Grant, 3 Lactation interns of color, non-English speakers.  2 year program.  MSU Extension has hired 2 more peer counselors. Henry Ford Health System is inviting peer counselors to talk to moms in waiting rooms; also in pediatrician offices.

McLaren: LaLeche Group meets there 1 night per month.  McLaren is changing from HFAP to JCO surveys.  This will change breastfeeding policies.  Working to improve MPINC scores. Rooming in, breastfeeding education for nurses.

Michigan Breastfeeding Network: Rolling out the Workplace Engagement campaign. Webinars and social media– go to www.mibreastfeeding. org to see webinar dates. Webinars are archived on the site for later viewing.

 5. Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 12, 5:30 – 7:30 at Mother&Earth Baby Boutique.

CABC Meeting Notes 10-26-15

Michigan Breastfeeding Network meeting was held in Flint, was well-attended and had 5 members from CABC in attendance. Good way to catch up on new projects of the Network, and meet the new Director, Jane Whitacre. Diane has more detailed notes from the meeting– contact her if you’re interested.
Willow Tree is planning to acquire equipment and supplies in order to take on some Rock N Rest events, in addition to the Mom2Mom sales that Baby Wearers have been staffing.
Baby Cafe on Wednesdays will be moving to a new location, since the church they are in is moving. New address:  Pennway Church of God, 1101 E. Cavanaugh, Lansing, MI 48910
Wednesdays, 10:00 amnoon. Baby cafe is planning to try some evening sessions.
Lynn may host a Ladies’ Night Out shopping night at Mother&Earth Baby Boutique with proceeds of sales to benefit CABC (Thanks, Lynn!)
The coalition will sponsor a reception  venue TBA, for community lactation support professionals to meet each other and network. CLC’s LC’s, and BF professionals in area hospitals and practices will be invited.  Mary is spearheading this. (Note, this was scheduled for Dec. 1, but now is on hold and will be rescheduled).
The coalition will have a “fun” Open House/yearly party in January or February.  Need to think of a creative name and decide on food, drink and prizes.
Discussed the Coffective mobile app– for bf moms.
EPO has moved to a smaller office. They are holding a Panera (Frandor) fundraiser on November 25– bring a coupon for proceeds to go to EPO.
Carolyn Passierello and her mom have opened Next Generation Lactation Service at Willow Tree.  It is a drop in service. They plan to bill insurance. Nov. 2 is first drop-in clinic.
Ingham County has a new peer counselor.
Issue for follow-up– LCC has 3 pumping rooms, but they are single use only, and moms sometimes go across campus to use one, and it’s in use already.  WIth the number of bf moms at LCC, they need more rooms.  Mary will contact LCC to see who to contact about this.

CABC Meeting Notes 9-28-2015

September 28, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  Lynn, Caroline, Tracie, Diane

  1. BF Friendly Business Decals: Discussed quantity to order– suggested 250 for $71, if that is possible. Will ask for $1 per decal from each business to defray cost of printing more.
  2. Rock ‘N’ Rest (Mom and Baby): Willow Tree may be able to provide Rock ‘N’ Rest stations at events– discussed what supplies are currently available. The BabyWearers group currently staffs the Mom2Mom sales, and use the chairs and changing pad that the Coalition has, plus 2 chairs that are Lynn’s and 2 chairs that are the coalition’s. (There are currently 8 chairs– not sure if someone owns the other 4?)
Tracie said that Ingham County WIC can print Resource Guides for the Rock n Rest stations.
Willow Tree will look into seeking donations for supplies.
Tracie may be able to store supplies at Ingham County after WIC moves to new space.
  1. BF Support Options in the Community.
Caroline may look into options for a support group at LCC if space is available. There are many young moms and there is a child development center.
  1. CABC Fundraising/Planning
Discussed Washtenaw County Business Awards– they have a website nomination form, then have a ceremony and add the business names to a plaque, and give the business a certificate. Nominations can be submitted by employers, breastfeeding employees, or customers. See form on-line at
Reviewed the fundraising items from the August meeting minutes. Also added Appleby’s, which needs food runners.  At Culver’s, you don’t have to say you are there for a cause, so everyone’s meal counts during the time.  La Seniorita also does Help Out Dine Out. Noodles & Company in Okemos is the easiest and best. Tony Sacco’s and Max & Erma’s will also do it.
Coalition “fun” gathering for CABC members and moms– will be discussed at the October 26 meeting, to be held early in 2016.
 5. MI Breastfeeding Network:
Diane reported on the Webinar on Fundraising and Fiscal Sponsorship. The webinar is posted on the MIBFN website: See notes, below. Many good suggestions.  It appears that the MI BFN may be able to be a fiscal sponsor for local coalitions in limited cases, due to staff and time limitations. Next webinar is October 22 at noon, “Introduction to the MDHHS Workplace Lactation Accommodation Grant”. Future webinars are listed on the Coalition/Webinar Resource link on the Michigan BF Network website:
  1. Ingham County– Tracie had the “right to breastfeed” cards laminated– they were given to members present to distribute to moms at Baby Cafe, etc. Ingham has MCH Block Grant funds to pay for breastfeeding incentives– prenatal, 1 month, 3 monts, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year. Ingham also funded breastfeeding billbords. Ingham County WIC posted a part-time WIC peer counselor position.
Next Meeting:  Monday, October 26, 5:30 – 7:30.  Lynn will send out minutes and Diane will post on CABC Facebook page.
*****Notes from September 24 Webinar, “Fundraising and Fiscal Sponsorship”
also go to : for webinar recording and slides. 
Important to clarify the reason to fundraise– is it for projects?  for expansion? for sustainability of the coalition? Is the money really needed? A small amount might be sufficient.
Projects: If it is for a project, define the project (a walk, a picnic, to purchase breastpumps, etc.). Before you go to funders, they may ask who else is supporting you? What are the members doing to support for printing, P.R. time, potlucks? List the organizations that are supporting you.
Expansion: Are there free events that you can exhibit at that do not have a fee?  Printing– in-kind donations, use inexpensive services. Use materials that aren’t dated and won’t go out of date. Include name, faceook page and website.
Sustainability: food for events, location for meetings, give-aways, Ask location to provide food; alternate locations; one-time opportunities– make sure they are sustainable.
“How much money do you actually need, and make that as small as possible”
Three speakers from 3 counties:
Chippewa County — BEST– Breastfeeding Education & Support Team.
Use funding for: Lactation Consultant services, Lactation scholarships, BF Resource Guide, Website, Monthly support group, 2 days/week walk-in clinic for BF moms, Tool Kit– handouts for OB doctors, outreach to physicians, “Pink in the Rink” Breast cancer and Breastfeeding fundraiser by Lake State hockey team; insulated bags, with phone number of the warm line, gifts, BF equipment.
Grant for the warmline– $2,480– 3 people rotate on evenings and weekends; planning to develop text messages on breastfeeding
Oakland County — How-to’s for Grant applications:  Use the Common Grant Application — Google it– use it to put something on paper for grant apps. Read the directions, twice. Assess capacity and areas of need. Need a fiduciary if you are not a 501c3 organization. Need a match in some cases. Spell out acronyms. Seek out experts to write proposal if needed. Partnerships with hospital, WIC.  Find out if the money is up front or on a reimbursement basis.
Oakland has “Reducing Disparities in Breastfeeding through Peer and Professional Support”. Meet, Nurse, Love meets at the Mother Nurture Center.
Lactation Interns; Mother Nurture Lactation College.
Hiring and increasing the diversity of Lactation professionals.
Bay County area: Breastfeeding coalition has taken on smaller projects.  Coalition rotates meeting locations.  Annual Tall Ships Rock N Rest Tent; Midland County Fair Rock and Rest. Got Milk? T-shirts. Prizes donated by physician’s offices. $100 grant from Kiwanis Foundation– need a Kiwanis member to sponsor the grant. Benefits children. Needed funding for “Family Friendly Spaces and Places Projects.  Rock N Rest, Printing, certificates to businesses.  Need an Employer ID Number to Open and account in the organization’s name. Funds restricted to direct client needs– changing table, chair for rock n rest, diapers, wipes, Not for advertising, printing, or certificates.
Fiscal Sponsorship Options
A 501c3 organization may sponsor a project for an  organization that may lack exempt status.  This usually require a contractual agreement. Fiscal sponsor usually receives a percentage of the funding to cover their costs.
MI BFN is a 501c3, but is very limited in their ability to offer fiscal sponsorship to community breastfeeding coalitions, due to limited time and personnel.  Need to draw up a contract, financial reporting, supervision responsibilities.  Local coalitions may ask, but don’t count on it. See what other non-profits in the community can suggest., such as a community foundation, local united way, other non-profits.

CABC Meeting Notes 8-31-15





August 31, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  Lynn, Tamera, Aidan, Evie, Augustus, Lindsey, Henry, Scarlet, Tina, Stephanie, Rose, Amanda, Laura, Diane

Welcome to new attendees– Tamera and Lindsey

1 Intros– Tamera is a doula and moved here from San Diego. She initiated the Lansing mayoral proclamation of August 10 as Breastfeeding Law Awareness Day, and organized a Capitol rally and TV coverage. Lyndsey is a La Leche League leader, and also is administrator of the Breastfeeding in East Lansing facebook page.   

2.World Breastfeeding Week/Breastfeeding Month:  2015 was the best ever in the Lansing area! Congratulations to all who planned, participated, and celebrated this August. Here’s a recap:


  • Big Latch-On at Mother & Earth Baby Boutique on July 31 and August 1. $107 earned for the Coalition– Yay!
  • Milky Way screening, sponsored by Willow Tree and EPO.
  • Lugnuts outing— Attended by about 30. Proceeds to benefit the Coalition
  • Breastfeeding Week Calendar— thanks, Nicole, for the great flyer with the August breastfeeding events.
  • LLL event: Live, Love, Latch! Delta Waverly and East Lansing La Leche League groups hosted the first ever Live, Love, Latch! event for our area. 106 attended (33 families). Group photo and mini breastfeeding photo sessions and gift bags and door prizes from sponsors.  News coverage from Channel 6.
  • World Breastfeeding Hike–, Papoose group hike to benefit the Coalition.
  • Normalize Breastfeeding rally at the Capitol to celebrate Mayoral Proclamation of Breastfeeding Law Day.
  • Black Mothers Breastfeeding Week- info posted on Facebook page for Lift Every Baby events around the country.

Other celebrations:  Iowa held their Live, Love, Latch at the state capitol; life-size cardboard breastfeeding cutouts were placed in communities (supplied by local health departments); bean-bag toss with boobs and a mouth.

Ideas for 2016:  Big Latch-On at the Capitol one of the two days, Sponsor or co-sponsor an event for Black Mothers Breastfeeding Week, try for more news coverage. (Alexis Risotto is a local reporter who is interested in breastfeeding stories).

  1. MI Breastfeeding Network: Quarterly webinar on fundraising and fiscal sponsorship for local coalitions, Sept. 24, noon- 1 p.m. Diane will plan to sign-in. Everyone welcome– ask Diane for log in details or conference call #.

4.Breastfeeding friendly businesses– Visit to add a business. Lynn shared two graphic designs for the decals– the group agreed on one.  Action:  Lynn will order decals.


  1. Cookies and Milk— Lynn has started a monthly support group for breastfeeding moms at Mother & Earth Baby Boutique called “Milk & Cookies”. See calendar at


  1. EL Art Fair– Diane contacted McLaren marketing about the First Aid tent and was referred to another staffer. No call yet. Action: Diane will call McLaren again.


  1. Ingham County–Baby Cafe at Ingham is going well. It is held 1 – 3 p.m. on Thursdays, which is new baby day. There are dual flyers to promote both locations. Ingham is planning a grand opening event.


  1. La Leche League- Lindsey posts all local support meetings (LLL Delta-Waverly, LLL East Lansing, Baby Cafe) on the BF in EL Google calendar Lansing BF Support Group Calendar
  2. Willow Tree Family Center– The CABC sent a support letter for the Flourishing Families grant to the Capitol Region Community Foundation. Thanks all who reviewed and commented on the letter. Willow Tree has asked if CABC could set up a Rock and Rest for a rally for Improving Birth at Ferris Park on September 12. Need a tent, flyers, camp chairs, changing pad, banner, etc.


  1. Association for Child Development— Amanda reported that ACD celebrated Breastfeeding Month. Amanda will be speaking at a Child Care Conference in October– “Child Connect for Family Success”– she is speaking on Breastfeeding and will show the video on paced feeding.


  1. Rock and Rest options: discussion about how to have a point person or organization to help coordinate Rock and Rest equipment, materials, volunteers, and requests to set one up for events. Question asked re: how other coalitions handle this. Need some funds for equipment (or equipment to borrow), such as a tent, camp chairs, table, changing pad, wipes and supplies. Also need space to store the equipment and a point person who makes sure that things get to where they need to go and schedules events.


  1. Lansing area support group meetings: Discussion re: whether there are sufficient support groups in the Lansing area, or if there is still unserved needs. Also, are support groups accessible re: location and bus lines, etc. For any expansion of La Leche League, there is a need for more leaders. Current support groups are on the far east side of Lansing (East Lansing LLL), south side of Lansing (Baby Cafe at Ingham County HD, and on S. Cedar), and far west side (Delta township), plus southwest Lansing at the McLaren location of La Leche League. Discussion about meeting the needs of African American moms in the Lansing area.


13. Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association–  Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association 6th National Seminar, “The Relationship of Place, Race and Breastfeeding on Pre-Term Birth Outcomes”, October 2, Henry Ford Hospital Buerki Auditorium, 2799 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, MI 48202.

  1. List of coalition members on website– Diane has not worked on the email to members yet. Action: Diane to email members re: posting names


  1. CABC Fundraising– discussion re: fundraisers such as “Help Out Dine Out”– Noodles and Company, Culvers’, Marco’s Pizza, Max & Erma’s, Schuler’s book store are options. Some request “food runners” to help out; some just ask customers to say you’re there for the event.


Wishlist for funds includes:

  • Table top display
  • MiBFN membership–$50 (unless this is waived)
  • Gift bags, supplies and materials,
  • Car window clings, “I breastfeed anywhere”
  • Baby cafe and other BF support group needs
  • License to breastfeed cards– printing and laminating
  • Support scholarships for on-line training through Breastfeeding USA
  • Rock and Rest tent, table, changing pad, chairs, supplies.


Action–(from June meeting) seeking a template letter for requesting donations, as a model for us to develop one for the coalition.


  1. Volunteer list–Action (from June meeting)–suggest a list of “mother-size” jobs that could be done from home or a little at a time, such as Resource Guide checking (websites, phone numbers), asking businesses if they will display window clings, delivering window clings and post on website, coordinating Rock and Rest materials and requests.


No updates tonight from: CABC display & banner, EPO Baby Cafe, MSU Extension Peer Counseling, Sparrow.



Next Meeting:  Monday, September 28, 5:30 – 7:30.  Lynn will send out minutes and Diane will post on CABC Facebook page.

CABC Meeting Notes 7/27/15

July 27, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  Lynn and Anthony, Emily and Otto, Diane, Nicole and Mailee and Liana, Pat, Karen, Tracie, Mary, Caroline

Welcome to new attendees– Karen, Emily and Caroline.

1. Sparrow Breastfeeding Clinic: Karen Twyman provided an update on the Breastfeeding clinic. They are open Tuesday and Friday, noon- 5 p.m. Dr. Berry is the physician and Karen is the IBCLC. They hope to have 2 LC’s at each clinic in the future to be able to see more moms. They will be able to see 10 moms per clinic if they have 2 LCs. They are ready to see more moms now– could use more information out in the community and among providers. Pediatricians and OBGyn’s can make referrals to the clinic; also any birthing hospital can make referrals– it is not restricted to just Sparrow babies. They can take referrals that are made in the a.m. the same day. Insurance or Medicaid pays for all visits. They are now putting info in the folders of moms going home after birth. The location is the Sparrow Professional Building, 4th floor, in the Pediatric Specialty Clinic. Karen confirmed that WIC can make referrals under the Ingham County Medical Director’s authorization. Coalition members provided suggestions for promoting the clinic, such as contacting Moms Everyday (Cat Cooper), The Hub, Emerald Morrow, Lauren Thompson, and Chivon Kloepfer of TV news, asking McLaren if they would share info .  Action–promote the clinic. Diane will ask Lindsey to include info on the BF in EL site, if not already there.

2.World Breastfeeding Week/Breastfeeding Month: 

  • Big Latch-On at Mother & Earth Baby Boutique on July 31 and August 1. Lynn plans a drawing to benefit the Coalition and has 8 donors for prizes. She has sent out a press release.
  • Milky Way screening, Celebration Cinema, Thursday, August 6 at 6:30 p.m., sponsored by Willow Tree and EPO.
  • Lugnuts outing— Event posted on-line by Nicole at Willow Tree. Game will be August 9 at 2 p.m. Proceeds to benefit the Coalition. Ingham County HD may be able to purchase a block of tickets for WIC Moms.
  • Breastfeeding Week Calendar— thanks, Nicole, for the great flyer with the August breastfeeding events.
  • MI BFN Golf Outing— unfortunately, this has been cancelled.
  • LLL event: Live, Love, Latch! Delta Waverly and East Lansing La Leche League groups are happy to host the first ever Live, Love, Latch! event for our area. Join us for a celebration of National Breastfeeding Month. We will have a potluck meal, plenty of time to play on the playground, and more. To mark this special event we are going to take a community breastfeeding photo. In addition to the free community photo, there will be a chance to purchase a breastfeeding mini session. (Look for a post with more details soon.)
    Child Passenger Safety Technician, Megan Mayes, will be giving a demonstration on car seat Safety. VBEs from Babywearing International of Lansing will also hold a demonstration.
    There will be door prizes too! You know you love prizes.
    Please visit the perfect potluck site to let us know what you will bring.
    Please plan on bringing beverages for your family.
    Gather: 4:00
    Community Photo: 4:30
    Dinner: 5:00
  • World Breastfeeding Hike— Tuesday, August 4, 5:30 at Granger Park, to benefit the Coalition.
  • Action: Post and share on Facebook, ask Ann if she can do a press release, print flyers to have on hand at Big Latch On, Baby Cafe, etc., Diane will print License to Breastfeed business cards and Tracie will laminate them.

3. MI Breastfeeding Network: Golf outing cancelled. All are asked to comment on new Medicaid draft policy which will reimburse for IBCLC only if you are also an RN, PA, etc. Action: Tracie will send out the language suggested for response to Medicaid on this policy. Response due August 17.

4. Breastfeeding friendly businesses– Visit to add a business. Action– continue actions from June– Diane will modify and add Midland materials to the website. Lynn will create a draft window cling design for the next meeting. Lynn will talk with Old Town Business Association re: getting sign-up information to businesses.

 5. CABC display & banner— No update.

 6. EL Art Fair– No update

7. Baby Cafe–Mary reported that there have been 64 new moms this year. 15-24 attend weekly. Karen T. has been coming a few times per month. Due to a space conflict, one week was changed to a picnic.

8. Ingham County–Baby Cafe has started a new session at Ingham County Health Department. It is held 1 – 3 p.m. on Thursdays, which is new baby day. For the soft opening, 4 moms signed in, and there were 4 moms at the 2nd session. There will be an LC there every time (Rose, Tina, Tracie). For MA eligible, an LC home visit is scheduled. Everyone is welcome, you don’t need to be a WIC client. Suggestions made to try Allen Foundation and Kellogg for possible grant funding. Currently, Ingham supplies the space and the staff, and EPO provides the rest. Ingham plans a “Grand Opening” in September, and has a donated gift basket from Dusty’s that was obtained for the Golf Outing.

Discussion regarding the lack of LC’s and the lack of medical providers who are also LC’s. All WIC agencies have to have an LC on staff or available by 2017. WIC will become more of a breastfeeding hub, and able to serve all income levels for breastfeeding support, not just low income. Currently, Ingham WIC serves all moms who call the Breastfeeding Warm Line.

 9.La Leche League- see above re: Love, Live Latch event.

10. MSU Extension Peer Counseling– Pat reported on a grant received from Kellogg to train peer counselors to be lactation consultants in Detroit. It will be a 2-year pilot project in Detroit to train 3 people. Targeting bilingual, Hispanic providers to participate.

11.Willow Tree Family Center– Project called Flourishing Families. They are looking at training volunteers as peer counselors. The Breastfeeding Basics training was recommended.

 12. List of coalition members on website– Action– send an email to ask if members agree to their name being listed as members/supporters of the Coalition, on the website. Have a list of organizations that support, also. Diane to send email.

 13. CABC Fundraising– wishlist for funds includes:

  • Table top display
  • MiBFN membership–$50 (unless this is waived)
  • Gift bags, supplies and materials,
  • Car window clings, “I breastfeed anywhere”
  • Baby cafe and other BF support group needs
  • License to breastfeed cards– printing and laminating

Fundraising planned:  Big Latch On drawing, Latch On at the Lugnuts proceeds, World Breastfeeding Hike proceeds.

Action–(from June meeting) Krisanne will send Lynn a template letter for requesting donations, as a model for us to develop one for the coalition.

 14. Volunteer list–Action (from June meeting)–suggest a list of “mother-size” jobs that could be done from home or a little at a time, such as Resource Guide checking (websites, phone numbers), asking businesses if they will display window clings, delivering window clings and post on website

15. Trello– this is an organizing and planning site that allows members of an organization to post and share information on-line and keep track of “to-do” items. Lynn and Diane have started testing it out– you may receive an invite in the near future to join the Coalition Trello site.

Next Meeting:  Monday, August 31, 5:30 – 7:30.  Lynn will send out minutes and Diane will post on CABC Facebook page.



August 1-7 is National WIC Breastfeeding Week

Header Press Release

August 1-7 is National WIC Breastfeeding Week

WASHINGTON, Aug. 3, 2015 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is recognizing state and local agencies of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (more commonly known as WIC) that excel in offering education and support for breastfeeding mothers. As part of World Breastfeeding Week activities, Vilsack has also proclaimed this week, Aug. 1-7, as National WIC Breastfeeding Week, “in appreciation of breastfeeding mothers and of all the dedicated volunteers, professionals, communities, and organizations who support their efforts.”

“The work being done by WIC programs to empower mothers to breastfeed—addressing societal barriers, enhancing peer counselor programs, building key coalitions, and more-is absolutely vital and deserves recognition,” said Vilsack. “There is no better food than breast milk for a baby’s first year of life. Increasing breastfeeding rates can help reduce the prevalence of various illnesses and health conditions, which in turn results in lower health care costs.”

According to a 2010 study, if 90 percent of U.S. families could comply with medical recommendations to breastfeed exclusively for six months, the United States would prevent more than 900 deaths save $13 billion per year and from reduced direct and indirect medical costs and the cost of premature death.

Throughout the week the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is recognizing outstanding breastfeeding programs with WIC Breastfeeding Performance Bonuses and the WIC Loving Support Awards of Excellence. The recognition supports the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which calls for increased emphasis on breastfeeding promotion and support in the WIC program.

This year, WIC Breastfeeding Performance Bonuses are presented to large (>1,000 infants) and small (<1,000 infants) high-performing WIC agencies with the greatest improvement in the percentage of exclusively breastfed infants over the past year. A total of $500,000 will be awarded to eight state WIC agencies and Indian tribal organizations that have demonstrated successful breastfeeding promotion and support efforts. The performance bonuses highlight WIC agencies’ successful breastfeeding initiatives, while encouraging and motivating other state agencies to strengthen their breastfeeding promotion and support services.

For the first time, USDA is also recognizing exemplary WIC local agencies with the WIC Loving Support Awards of Excellence. WIC agencies utilizing the USDA Loving Support Model for a successful peer counseling program were eligible to apply for the honor, which considers their breastfeeding performance measures, effective peer counseling programs and community partnerships. A total of 55 local WIC agencies across the country qualified for an award. By recognizing their success and sharing best practices, the WIC Loving Support Awards of Excellence will provide successful models and motivation to other WIC local agencies with the goal of ultimately increase breastfeeding rates among WIC participants.

The WIC program provides nutritious foods to supplement diets, nutrition education (including breastfeeding promotion and support), and referrals to health and other social services to low-income pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women, infants, and children up to age five. Services are made available through approximately 1,900 local agencies and 10,000 clinic sites. Visit to learn more about the WIC program.

In addition to WIC, USDA’s Food and Nutrition Services administers several other programs including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, National School Lunch Program, and the Summer Food Service Program which together comprise America’s nutrition safety net. For more information, visit

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. To file a complaint of discrimination, write: USDA, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410 or call (866) 632-9992 (Toll-free Customer Service), (800) 877-8339 (Local or Federal relay), (866) 377-8642 (Relay voice users).

June 23, 2015 CABC Meeting Minutes and Action Steps

June 23, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  Lynn, Laura,  Diane, Amanda, Rose, Nicole and Elise, Pat, Krisanne

Welcome to new attendees– Amanda is a registered dietitian who works for the Association for Child Development; Nicole is a teacher and bf mom who is on the Willow Tree Board; and Krisanne is a bf mom who works for a pharmaceutical company, and dropped in to nurse.

1. List of referrals for tongue and lip tie revisions: this is needed, especially for low income and Medicaid-covered families. Action– Laura will work on a list.

2. Day care providers and breastfeeding–changes are proposed that will provide reimbursement for breastfed babies’ meals if the mother breastfeeds the baby on-site at the dc provider. See Laura’s article by Googling ILCA Lactation Article on USDA Food Program and Toddlers. Training for providers could include paced feedings and reasons for moms to bf at day care.

3. Friend of the Court —Letter sent to Judge Lawless from CABC supported the nurse-in, prompted by a mom asked to leave the court when she began to nurse her infant. Emily Wacs thanking her for positive response to the nurse-in. Diane received a call from the court administrator regarding a specific case, and requested CABC input regarding acceptable accommodations. Diane asked Tracie and Ann for input, and responded with ideas that might be considered, with an emphasis on accommodating the needs of the mom and baby, while recognizing the constraints of the court setting. If a mom does not have assistance to care for the baby, there may be resources to explore at Family Outreach Services, or Strong Start/Healthy Start. Pleased that court reached out to the Coalition to discuss.

4. MI Breastfeeding Network: posting for a new Executive Director has been put on the website.

  • June 18th webinar for local coalitions: This was recorded and will be put on the MI BFN website. Diane and Beth joined the webinar. 3 coalitions presented info:  Calhoun, Midland and Macomb. Ideas such as “You are busted” campaign to recognize and reinforce nursing moms, how coalitions get funding, membership, meeting activities, etc. included. Agreed that it will be great to get info from other coalitions.


  • Golf outing “Tee Off for Babes” is scheduled at Fenton Farms for August 7th at 9:00am. Registration is up on the MiBFN website The Network is giving back to the local coalition $100 for every team that they register from the coalition and 1/2 of the sponsor money for anyone that the coalition gets as a sponsor. For instance, it cost $100 to sponsor a hole. If you get someone to sponsor that hole we will give the coalition $50 of that money. I’ll give you more information about the sponsor levels later. Discussion: Coalition has 3 who will volunteer to be a team: Mary, Tracie, and Stephanie. Need one more. Stephanie will coordinate. Golf clubs needed. Diane has offered to donate $75 to either help defray the team cost, or to go toward sponsoring a hole.  The Coalition needs to donate a gift for the prizes. Action–need a player for the CABC team– can be a friend, spouse, sister, mother, etc. Need donations for a gift item–Tracie will see if Dusty’s Cellar can donate a wine basket; otherwise, need volunteer to ask Old Town or other businesses to donate or to sponsor a hole. Diane will get donation of $ to Stephanie. Need updates from Tracie and Stephanie!


  • Local coalition support . Action– Tracie reported by email that Ingham may not be able to assist CABC with the $50 membership, as they are already a member. Will need another source of funding.


5.World Breastfeeding Week/Breastfeeding Month: 

  • Big Latch-On at Mother & Earth Baby Boutique on July 31 and August 1. Action–think about a fundraiser for CABC at the BIg Latch-On, possibly donating a portion of profits that day, having a raffle, or photographic services.
  • Lugnuts outing–Mary provided info on group outings at Lugnuts Nicole said that WIllow Tree is planning an outing in August–Nicole will check with Willow Tree and get in touch with Mary. Diane will let Mary know that the coalition supports this


6.Breastfeeding friendly businesses–website form is now live!  Visit to add a business. Action– Diane will modify and add Midland materials to the website. Lynn will create a draft window cling design for the next meeting. Lynn will talk with Old Town Business Association re: getting sign-up information to businesses.


7.Sparrow Breastfeeding Clinic–info is now on the on-line resource guide. Discussion and questions about whether the clinic will be collecting any feedback or data from clients who use the clinic. Action:  Beth or Mary–do you know if this is being done?


8.CABC display & banner— The new banner needs bungees for attaching to smaller tables. The Coalition also needs a table-top display, and will need fund-raising to pay for the display. Action–  Ann will check on pricing for a roll-up table-top display–could be $80-90.


9. EL Art Fair– Action– For next year, Diane will contact McLaren marketing department to ask if their first aid tent (sponsored by McLaren) in children’s area could include changing table and chairs for nursing.


10. Baby Cafe– email from Mary: Baby Cafécontinues to go well, we are going to be opening another site in collaboration with WIC as of July 16. The meetings will be held at the Health Department on Thursdays. Meeting time is still pending.

 11. Ingham County–Plan to start Baby Cafe July 16! Time TBD.


12. La Leche League- Leaders received emails from ACLU, asking for support for breastfeeding accommodations for nursing moms who are taking the Bar Exam. LLL does not give this type of support, but Laura will ask the ACLU to contact Diane, and the Coalition will then be able to sign on to a support letter. Action– respond to ACLU request when received.

The LLL conference in Charlotte at ALIVE was very good and the accommodations were great.  Keep in mind as a good venue for meetings.


13.CABC Fundraising– wishlist for funds includes:

  • Table top display
  • MiBFN membership–$50
  • Gift bags, supplies and materials,
  • Car window clings, “I breastfeed anywhere”
  • Baby cafe and other BF support group needs
  • License to breastfeed cards– printing and laminating


Ideas for fundraising discussed included a fundraiser at Mother & Earth Baby Boutique, and asking area businesses to support. Action–Krisanne will send Lynn a template letter for requesting donations, as a model for us to develop one for the coalition. Lynn will think about a fundraiser for the Big Latch On.

 14. Volunteer list–suggest a list of “mother-size” jobs that could be done from home or a little at a time, such as Resource Guide checking (websites, phone numbers), asking businesses if they will display window clings, delivering window clings.


Other Action Items: If you have clean plastic silverware from take-out restaurants, please bring it to a coalition meeting/potluck– thanks!


Next Meeting:  Monday, July 27, 5:30 – 7:30.  Lynn will send out minutes and Diane will post on CABC Facebook page.