January 11, 2017 Meeting Notes– Capital Area Breastfeeding Coalition

Attendance:  Beth M., Naimah, Rose, Lynn, Diane, Claretta, Stephanie, Natosha, Tina, Kaleigh, Megan, Krystal, Nicki, Angela  

 Announcements: Audra Post, a midwife, was invited to join us, but was unable to attend. Naimah is now the Community Action Network Coordinator for Strong Start Healthy Start. Tina has announced that she will be retiring from the Ingham County Health Department.

 Special Guest: Angela Daniel coordinates the Doula Network and teaches baby care and breastfeeding classes. She has an MSW, and experience working in Baton Rouge for the State of Louisiana.

Reception/Networking event: Event is scheduled for March 31, 5:30 – 7:30.  Naimah is coordinating the planning group.  Krystal is joining the planning group. Naimah discussed includeing the PhotoVoice project at the event—voices of moms in the community regarding infant mortality issues.  The event venues discussed include Pattengill, the Brenner Firehouse on Michigan Avenue, the MAC, or MSU Federal Credit Union.

 Resource guide and website:  Further discussion about replacing the half-page Resource Guide with a business card that includes websites and phone numbers.  Krystal called 211 to find out what type of Breastfeeding Support is provided: they currently give information about the Delta-Waverly LaLecheLeague, EPO Drop-In Center, and Willow Tree Family Center.  Natosha will follow up with Terena at 211 to make sure they have the correct resources available. Diane will contact Ann about the cards and including the 211 number on them.  It would be great to have cards to distribute at the March 31 event. Diane said she would work on updating the ½-page Resource Guide (Laura, could you send Diane the most recent Word file?)

Suggestions were made that our area could use a warm line for breastfeeding support—this could be considered as a project to work on, especially if there are organizational partners who could assist with staffing it.

CABC Goal-setting:  CABC members are invited to share ideas for the future of the Coalition—Diane will send out a survey to ask for comments, ideas, suggestions.


Black Breastfeeding Sisterhood:  The BBS will be celebrating their 1-year anniversary in conjunction with MLK Day.  Cake included! Cristo Rey breastfeeding support group is a go! Natosha will email information about the Cristo Rey group to Beth and to Diane for resource guide updates.

 Willow Tree:  Baby Fair is May 6 at the Lansing Center.

 Next meetings:          5:30 – 7:30 at Mother&Earth Baby Boutique

                                   2nd  Wednesday of each month:

                                    February 8, March 8,  April 12, May 10, June 14, July 12,

                                    August 9, September 13, October 11, November 8, December 13